Care Guide

Pearl Jewelry Care Instructions

We strongly recommend that you care for your pearl jewelry by following the instructions listed below to maintain your piece. Pearls are known to be timeless. Pearls are organic gems that require special care to maintain their luster. Below are our best methods to store, handle, and properly clean your pearls.

How to Clean Pearls

Clean with a damp cloth only as needed. If your pearls are visibly stained, you can mix a solution of lukewarm water and chemical free, mild dish soap, dip a soft cleaning cloth in it and wipe the pearls. Do NOT submerge pearl jewelry in water..

Let them dry all the way before storing. Again, this helps preserve the elasticity of the strand.

Never clean pearls with a steam or ultrasonic jewelry cleaner. Both of these methods are likely to damage the outer layer of the pearl.

Keep pearls away from chlorine bleach, hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, ammonia, hairspray, perfume, and cosmetics, as these substances will damage the pearl surface.


  • Make sure your pearls last long enough to achieve heirloom status by following these maintenance tips:
  • Last on, first off. Pearls should be the final touch to your outfit. Avoid applying makeup, hairspray, lotion or perfume once your pearls are on.
  • Gently wipe pearls with a soft cloth to remove sweat, fragrance, excess oils or dirt before putting them away.
  • Pearls should be stored away from other objects or jewelry that may scratch their surfaces. Wrap the pearls in their original velvet pouch provided by So or in linen, soft cloth, or place in a soft pouch.
  • Store them flat. Store pearl necklaces flat to prevent them from stretching.Avoid hanging the pearl necklace on a hook for storage; this places unnecessary strain on the 24k-gold strand and stretches out the necklace.
  • Dedicate a space just for your pearls. Pearls are prone to scratches without proper care, so store them separately in fabric-lined compartments.
  • Do not submerge your pearls in water - we recommend no showers, baths, saunas or swimming while wearing your pearls.
  • You should remove your pearls before engaging in sports or exercise to avoid exposing your pearls to perspiration or risking the chance they will break.
  • You should remove your pearls before going to bed. We suggest that you not sleep in your pearls. The string can become weakened and strained increasing the risk of breaking.
  • Wear your pearls often. Pearls do best in a moist environment, so wearing them frequently keeps them from drying out and helps to maintain them to look their best.

Swarovski Crystal Care Instructions

  1. Wash and dry your hands.
  2. Use a soft, lint-free cloth* to gently clean the product from every angle.
  3. If possible, clean after every wear to remove any dirt or other signs of daily wear. 

Things to Avoid

  • Avoid contact with water and other fluids – especially acidic liquids, sonic cleaners, and commercial jewelry cleaners containing ammonia or alcohol. These types of liquid can damage both the plating and the crystals.
  • Avoid impact with hard surfaces, as this can cause scratches and chips to the stones and the plating.

More care tips to keep your Swarovski jewelry at its best:

  • Store your jewelry in its original packaging or a soft pouch to avoid scratching. This also helps to reduce exposure to sunlight and excessive heat, which can fade color.
  • Always remove your jewelry before washing your hands, swimming, or applying body care products such as perfume, hairspray, soaps, and lotions. These products can damage the metal and reduce the lifetime of the plating, as well as cause discoloration and loss of brilliance.
  • Put on your jewelry last when dressing and take it off first when undressing. Each stone on your Swarovski jewelry is individually set, therefore each piece is very delicate and can be damaged when tugged or pulled. We also recommend that you do not wear your Swarovski jewelry in bed or when exercising.